Hard Chrome Plating

  **Please Note :
Alacote is not in the automotive or motorcycle parts plating business!**

Electroplated Industrial Hard Chrome

AlaCote provides Industrial Hard Chrome Plating in a wide range of finishes
from a high mirror polish to many ranges of matte, both nodular and blasted in lengths up to 40 feet!

hydraulic-cylinder-tube-hard-chrome-platedLarge Specialized Plating Tank

AlaCote offers one of the longest plating tanks for Hard Chrome in the Southeast. Our tanks dimensions are –
length 45 feet and a width of 5 feet.

That allows us to plate cylindrical parts up to 40 feet long and up 3 feet in diameter.

  • Steel Rollers
  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Rod
  • Tube
  • From 0.0001″ up to approx 0.020″
  • Mirror Finish to Matte
  • Available with Nickel Sulfamate

Technician inspecting roller finishTypically, wear occurs when hard particles are present between two surfaces sliding against each other with intended motion. These hard particles can be either foreign particles from the environment or metal debris from one or both mating surfaces. The predominant historical coating to protect against this type of wear is industrial hard chrome plating.

Hard industrial chrome is a porous coating which contains microscopic fissures due to the way in which chrome is applied to the base metal. While chrome of 0.005″ -0.010″ thick will provide optimum protection against wear, over time, a corrosive environment will break down the chrome before its typical wear life has been realized. It does this by attacking the base metal under the chrome and the subsequent rust causes a break in the adhesion of the chrome.

The way to combat this is to apply a thin layer, less than 0.001″ up to 0.002″ thick, of Nickel before applying the chrome. This layer will provide the corrosion resistance needed to allow the chrome to realize its full wear resistant life.
Whether we apply Chrome, or Nickel-Chrome, we can achieve a wide range of surface finishes to meet customer needs.>

Polish finishes range from 1-2 RMS up to 32 RMS.
Matte finishes (blasted or nodular) can range from 30 RMS up to 200 RMS.
Lower RMS provides higher friction between the roller and the material passing over it.

Lengths up to 40 Feet

Grinding & Finishing

Before and after coating, your roller and cylinder parts can be ground and polished (in-house) to a low profile finish

Complete rebuilding services, with resurfacing to OEM standards .